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Around the globe or in our big beautiful South Africa, making sure that your brand is stamped on something as useful as branded travel luggage bags will definitely clock up the miles you deserve, in terms of brand recognition at a time when you need it most.

If you’re a small to medium business owner this is the way to go. Unless you have an unexpected windfall, promotional gifts such as branded travel luggage bags are the perfect gift for you to give to your top clients.

Should you wish to add a small but thoughtful promotional gift to the staff of your client or supplier, there’s a full range of promotional branded bags to more than make up for the fact that the boss gets the bigger gift!

No matter where your client travels, your brand goes along for the ride!

With air travel back up and running worldwide, people that have been trapped by total lockdowns in South Africa are finally free to travel, whether for business or leisure, and we’re all in dire need of a getaway, no matter what the excuse is!

Despite restrictions imposed worldwide as COVID-19 takes hold of us in its second wave, for those willing to stick to preventative measures such as wearing a mask, keeping hand sanitizer and using it at all times, as well as maintaining social distancing, travel is most definitely on the cards.

It’s the perfect time to treat extra-special clients with a gift to express gratitude for their support during difficult times, and what better way is there than to give them a beautifully branded travel luggage bag, tastefully sporting your logo and message?

No matter what your budget is, Brand Lifesavers has a branded travel luggage bag to match it! 

With an awesome range of really great looking branded travel luggage bags designed to suit every budget, there’s a branded travel bag just right for you. Bear in mind that this friendly team will beat any quote you get for the same product, so committed are they to making sure you never have to pay more for promotional gifts than is absolutely necessary.

Great style, great quality, all laced with service excellence you can rely on!

Brand Lifesavers manufactures custom made personalised travel bags in South Africa that’ll make your brand stand head above shoulders of the rest in your industry, and they’re unstinting in their commitment to spending enough time with you to make sure that you get the most out of this investment into the growth of your brand.

With names like the Gary Player Simulated Leather Weekend Bag, Printed Corporate Buck weekend Bag, the handy Pack-it Luggage Set that makes for easy packing, right through to the Gary Player Erinvale Shoe Bag, it’s easy to see why clients keep coming back to Brand Lifesavers for more of the best. 

Loyal clients that have dealt with Brand Lifesavers for a long time now, will gladly tell you that you can rely on this team of friendly professionals to deliver the goods on time, every time!

Since they’ve been in the promotional gifts, corporate gifts, corporate clothing and headwear industry for a long time, the team at Brand Lifesavers has the experience and knowledge you’ll find exceptionally valuable while you go through an extensive range, in an effort to choose the perfect promotional gifts to pass on to your loyal clients!

If you want the best of everything, from service excellence to quality products, bring your dreams for brand recognition to Brand Lifesavers and they’ll work with you to turn them into reality!

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