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Custom Printed Silicone Wristbands

Here at Brand Lifesavers, we sell high quality, 100 % custom printed silicone wristbands for all events and occasions. Our branded promotional silicone wristbands are affordable and ready for you to customize. You can inscribe any message, brand, logo, or art onto the colour wristband of your choice with our custom options. Let your company stand out on our Silicone Wristbands, to get exposure.  

The exceptional advertising value of promotional silicone wristbands

A promotional silicone wristband is one of the most affordable ways with which to get your message or brand out into a very broad marketplace, making them one of our most popular products in all our categories where it comes to raising awareness of your brand.

We know that silicone wristbands will serve to remind your corporate customers of your business, keeping you at the top of their list when they need your services or products in the future. Bear in mind too, that the silicone we have used is long-lasting; we make sure our printed silicone wristbands go the distance!

We are also proud our silicone wristbands are eco-friendly, which should soothe your conscience when you place your order!

Promotional silicone wristbands in a rainbow of colours

For many people, the fun of wearing a wristband instead of bracelets in a row of different colours has become a fashion statement. An added bonus is these rubber bands are 100% waterproof. If there’s one thing we have to know, it’s what makes the most impact in terms of corporate gifts, and we won’t steer you in the wrong direction! We are here to help you to get the best deals!

We at Brand Lifesavers are the home of custom printed silicone wristbands in South Africa! They are available in a rainbow of colours, where we offer our customers a great price for a promotional product that gets your message out loud and clear! If you’re out of ideas, email us and we’ll send you ideas from our range to meet with what you require!

Tradeshows, large events, and online events

Wristbands are a fantastic investment with which to gift customers, especially for trade shows and other large events. At a time when large gatherings are restricted, people have become really creative with online events here, which means you can still make sure that all those ‘attending’ the event will be sporting a popular printed silicone wristband for the occasion!

We have wristband options and ideas for Africa if you’re looking for the most effective and creative items to help promote your brand: there are print ideas for every type of corporate gift you can think of!

Branding options for silicone wristbands

With a huge range of wristbands or available for you to choose from, should you need help with choices, you’ll get the best branding and design options with us for the wristbands you choose to buy.

We can assist you with a choice of the latest branding methods to suit what you require. We can provide you with a quote that offers the cheapest option using a personalised wristband bearing your name with which to gift your customers.

Whether you want printing on silicone wristbands, embossed silicone wristbands or debossed silicone wristbands and cheap silicone wristbands in South Africa, as manufacturers of silicone wristbands, Brand Lifesavers will see to it that you are not disappointed with the result!

Please note that we offer free delivery for orders over R1000.00 to one destination within one of South Africa’s major cities via Economy Service, as well as help in redrawing artwork and logo into print-ready format, and sending you a mock-up for approval, free of charge! We are all about helping to raise awareness of your brand, but at a great price!

Brand Lifesavers; we are suppliers of high-quality promotional silicone wristbands in South Africa

At Brand Lifesavers we sell high-quality custom silicone bracelets at great prices, this is why these items are one of the best advertising ideas in all our gift categories and products. There are many different brands in our product range of silicone bands, which should make it fun for you to find the perfect gift for your client!

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email at Brand Lifesavers today for a quote; we’ve got the perfect print recipe to make sure an investment made in our collection of custom branded silicone wristbands will be one that will be an upward trajectory for the growth of your company!

Should you want your name to go farther than any other advertising method, then choosing from our collection of silicone wristbands will be the best investment to keep giving fantastic returns as they travel well into the future!

Our team is friendly, we love what we do and will be more than happy to see that the search to get the most out of your budget will be with us.

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