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This is where you’ll find the best in Promotional Flasks & Jugs in South Africa!

Brand Lifesavers is committed to providing customers with the highest quality in promotional gifts across the board, which means that this is where you’ll also find the best in promotional flasks and jugs in South Africa!

Speaking of South Africa, if there’s one country that has a population that loves the outdoors; it’s ours, which is exactly why, if you know enough about your own clients, you’ll find the perfect promotional flask right here for your clients who spend time outdoors.

These promotional flasks are also perfect for a home office or for someone who is out on the road most of the time, who will appreciate a hot cup or two of coffee along the way.

Promotional Flasks 

The Admiral Flask & Mug Set is the perfect gift to take along on a picnic and comes in either silver or blue. This set consists of a double-walled flask with its two matching mugs, all of which fit snugly into a black carry pouch you can sling over your shoulder for convenience.

Another perfect outdoor gift is the Cardinal Flask & Mug Set that consists of a 750ml double walled flask that’ll look great with your logo stylishly branded on it, as well as 2 stainless steel mugs with a lid and handle that helps to avoid spillage. This all comes in a handy black pouch that has a carry handle. 

As you browse through the full range of promotional flasks on the Brand Lifesavers website, and there are many more than the two mentioned above, you may need a little help to make the right choice, which is why it’s good for you to know that you can have a live chat with the team at Brand Lifesavers while you’re online!

Promotional Jugs

Speaking in general, most people don’t drink enough water to keep their systems healthy, the main reason being, if you ask them, that it has no taste and is boring!

This has made infuser jugs very popular today. These days people bring flavour to their water by adding veggies, herbs and their favourite fruits to create drinks that give them the water they need, along with the vitamins that come with what they choose to infuse their water with. 

Mint and lemon is a popular choice for hot summer days, but then so are strawberries. This is the best way for people to move away from fizzy drinks to a healthier intake of liquids.

If you’re looking for the right promotional jug to give to clients, staff or suppliers, you’d be looking for something like the 1800ml Vigor Infuser Desk Jug. This trendy BPA-free infuser has a push-up spout and a long infuser that allows you to infuse your water with whatever takes your fancy. 

This is a classy and convenient promotional jug that’ll keep your brand name in plain sight on a client’s desk, which is exactly where you want it to be. 

Let the awesome team at Brand Lifesavers help you settle on the best promotional flask or jug to impress your clients, one that’ll keep your brand in the spotlight in the long term.

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