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Everybody who is anybody has a laptop today, and, due to its mobile nature, and the fact that many people do business on the go; a branded laptop bag is the ideal promotional gift to give to your customers, suppliers or staff!

With many people working from home or meeting in coffee shops and restaurants to conduct business due to the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic has had on our world, a custom laptop bag is an absolute necessity to anyone on the move.

Brand Lifesavers has a phenomenal range of laptop backpacks, laptop bags, laptop trolley backpacks and laptop briefcases, and, in this range you’ll find that this team has made the effort to manufacture and produce promotional branded laptop bags that are anti-theft, which is precisely what we need to keep our tech stuff safe!

In the range of anti-theft laptop bags and laptop backpacks you’ll find the:

Barrier Travel-Safe Backpack

The simplicity of design in this promotional laptop backpack is found in the fact that the compartment zips are placed at the back of the bag, which prevents easy access to your laptop or tablet. In addition to this, there is a concealed zippered compartment concealed at the back for the protection of your wallet and travel documents. This is the perfect gift for customers you know live life on-the-go!

In the following two branded laptop backpacks and bags we’ll look at, you’ll find that the team at Brand Lifesavers have really done their homework well to protect the belongings of your customers who are gifted with these laptop bags; according to, there are, on average, around 400,000 pick pocketing incidents per day, worldwide. Now, although South Africa is not featured here, you can well imagine that our statistics are also very high!

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

High quality polyester and reflective prints for your safety at night are just the start where it comes to the quality of these backpacks. Hidden pockets on the outside, along with padded compartments that’ll fit a 15.6” laptop or 10” tablet, including space for other belongings, makes this one of the best branded laptop bags on the market in backpack style. This promotional anti-theft backpack is even waterproof! Wipe it down with a cloth and you’re ready to go!

Let’s go to the Bobby Bizz Anti-Theft Backpack & Briefcase next.

With much of the same anti-theft features as the rest of the anti-theft custom branded laptop bags in one form or the other, this backpack can easily be switched to a briefcase, and, with its built in metal frame, your belongings will be kept absolutely safe, no matter how you choose to use this convenient promotional product! Throw in a zinc alloy lock in the right strap and a USB charging port and you’ve got all you need for a busy life on the move!

Your customer will always appreciate a promotional gift that makes life easier on them and keeps their belongings safe!There are many other examples of quality affordable branded laptop bags on the Brand Lifesavers website, and best of all, you’ll be able to chat live to one of the team as you go through the huge selection available at great prices, to make sure you get the best out of your budget!

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