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What better way to send your brand and message out into the world than on a branded backpack that could be travelling anywhere in South Africa or overseas?

It’s hard to beat the true value and impact a branded backpack can have on your brand, not only in terms of the goodwill it earns you with your customer, students or staff, but in terms of creating huge brand awareness.

Branded backpacks on planes, trains and busses

The safest possible way for us to carry anything today, especially if we carry our laptops and other mobile devices with us when we need to use public transport, is to have it firmly strapped to our backs.

What is the most popular bag people use when they board a flight and aren’t allowed much by way of hand luggage? You’ve got it; a backpack! It’s one of the most compact ways to make sure you have your most important things with you wherever you go, and, if your company brand and message is emblazoned on that backpack, it’ll be travelling wherever your customer goes.

This also opens doors to new customers who may not have heard of your company, and, if you’re looking to build brand recognition as a small to medium business, you couldn’t possibly invest in anything that’ll give you a better ROI than something like a custom branded backpack!

Put it this way; your backpack will earn the same frequent flier miles that your client does!

Custom branded backpacks on hiking, camping or cycling tours

If you know your customer base well, or are involved in sports and outdoors activities at all with a customer base equally involved in it, nothing can give your brand the wings it deserves than a branded backpack from Brand Lifesavers!

After months of being trapped indoors courtesy of the Coronavirus, people have started taking even more of an interest in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or cycling, among others. This is a prime time for you to invest in custom branded backpacks, designed to carry everything your customers might need as they revel in the freedom of fresh air and the beauty of our South African outdoors.

Colours, shapes and styles for Africa

There is a promotional backpack on offer from Brand Lifesavers to suit everyone, in every colour, shape and style you can imagine!

Starting with a backpack as classy as the black and grey Saturn Backpack, you’ll be gifting your client with a branded backpack which is made super-comfy with its padded back panel, as well as padded shoulder straps that are easily adjustable. 

If you’re considering something for all-weather conditions, the Sierra Water Resistant Backpack will more than adequately protect the contents in the bag. Again, you can’t go wrong with this black backpack that is a perfect background for your logo, brand or message!

Now, no matter which custom backpack you settle on, you’re going to be getting quality at great prices, especially when you consider that the greater the quantity, the less it’ll cost you. 

However, if you’re looking for the cheapest branded promotional bag at Brand Lifesavers, then the compact Branded Promotional Go Backpack Bag is right up your alley! You’ll be getting good value for money with this backpack that comes in a multitude of colours, of that you can be certain!

If you’ve decided to go with custom branded promotional backpacks as your brand mover and shaker, contact the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers and let them do what they do best; make sure you get the best quality for less, in style!

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