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Where it comes to selecting branded promotional gifts for the decision makers among your clients, you need to aim a little higher than you would for mass giveaways for promotions, looking instead at executive level gifts that’ll stand out from the average promotional gift.

It also means that you should get to know a little more about the executives you deal with on a regular basis, and even those you’d like to get a foot in the door with. This is so that you’ll be giving them executive gift sets that’ll leave them with the feel-good factor that ensures they stick with your company, now and into the future.

You want to be the first company they call when they’re looking for the products or services you provide, and nothing can achieve this as effectively as a well-chosen executive gift set.

You may need to promise a chocolate to a secretary or two, just to get the goods on the exec you want to impress, but it’ll be well worth it once you know exactly what kind of executive gift set will be most appreciated and be most handy to your client!

If your client travels frequently, there’s no doubt that something like the compact Oakridge Seven Gift Set with its ball pen, A5 notebook and 2200mAh Power Bank will keep him powered up and ready for anything. 

For clients who are out on the road all day, visiting building sites or projects for instance, and need a little more than this, there’s the ultimate travel companion in the Omega Four Gift Set. He’ll have everything he needs to keep cool out on the road, from a 6 can cooler to wired headphones, sunglasses and even sunblock!

Whether your client travels, spends his days between meetings or works across a busy desk, you can never go wrong if you choose executive gift sets that include a few tech goodies such as power banks or USB’s! 

What you want is to make life easier for the busy executive so that every time a promotional gift bearing your brand is used, you’ll be storing up points for the next time he or she is in the market for your product or service!

This is where the experience and knowledge behind the team at Brand Lifesavers comes to your aid.  You may not know exactly where to start with the massive choice of gifts at your fingertips, but, this is a team that’ll work hard with you to get to the very best solution to take your brand to a new level, and to help you get more for your budget than you may think!

Brand Lifesavers is about a lot more than executive gift sets! Their range of promotional clothing and corporate gifts is astounding, which is why you need only give them a basic idea of what you may be looking for and they’ll help you to flesh it out into something tangible and workable!

If you’re up for wowing your executive customers with great promotional gifts, give the awesome team at Brand Lifesavers a shout; they’ll know exactly how to get your brand out into the limelight, where it should be, without breaking the bank!

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