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Now that restaurants and bars have once again been opened at lockdown level one, you have the perfect opportunity to make sure that clients you may not have been able to look after while business came to a standstill, will once again keep you at the top of their list of suppliers, especially when you gift them with branded ice buckets and ice tongs!

It’s been a long, dry and thirsty season, and there’s never been a better time to get great brand exposure by gifting loyal and new clients with a colourful range of Branded Ice Buckets and Tongs, you can just hear the ice tinkling in an ice bucket proudly bearing your brand!

The team at Brand Lifesavers are proud to be manufacturers and suppliers of custom made, personalised plastic ice buckets that are designed to last and still look great no matter how many times they are used!

This is one of the most inexpensive branded promotional products you can invest in, especially under the current economic conditions that have left most of us in a slump, and, as always, the more you order, the less they cost as well!

Here are ideas for two great plastic branded ice bucket styles from Brand Lifesavers that’ll once again turn the spotlight on your brand, in a rainbow of colours to suit any occasion or venue.

Branded Corporate Custom Round Ice Buckets

Don’t these colours just get you going? The opportunities for you to select the right colours to make your logo and brand stand out are exciting to say the least!


Of course, you can rely on the creative team at Brand Lifesavers to work with you to make sure you’ll have a choice of either economical or premium ice buckets, just so that they know they’ve assisted you to get the most out of your budget.

After all, your success reflects the success of this passionate team as well!

Whether you choose these colourful branded ice buckets to market your beverages and to highlight your brand in restaurants, bars, hotels and special events, or simply to have fun entertaining friends by giving them at gift to remember a special occasion you share, these inexpensive branded round ice buckets are just the ticket to success.

Branding is optional, of course, however, if you’d like assistance in terms of your choice in branding methods, the team at Brand Lifesavers will be more than happy to get creative with you in growing brand awareness.

Branded Custom Mini Igloo Ice Buckets

These colourful Custom Mini Igloo Ice Buckets with colour-coded ice tongs are sheer fun when it comes to getting your brand noticed in the restaurant and bar trade, as well as in hotels, especially the ones where you get to sip a glass of ice cold wine as the sun sets over a beautiful landscape!

Once again, these Branded Custom Mini Igloo Ice Buckets are really great on your budget! They’re affordable for small to medium businesses that are out there competing with giants, and, chosen in the right colours, with the right branding, you can be right up there with the big names.


Contact the team at Brand Lifesavers today to find out more about what this experienced and creative team can do to add colour to your brand with cheap but quality promotional gifts, they’ll know exactly how to get you the most mileage for your budget.

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