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You can never go wrong with giving important clients, suppliers and staff Branded Wine Holders and Coolers that’ll carry your logo and message from home to the great South African outdoors, and anywhere in-between.

There’s nothing quite like a sunset over the ocean or across flower-draped vista’s along majestic mountains, it’s the perfect recipe for romance and relaxation, and, it’s your business to make sure that when your clients take their downtime, it’ll be your brand that’s keeping their wine and bubbly cool!

After dealing with extended lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more South Africans are heading for the outdoors, simply to revel in the refreshing change of scenery and pace, and it’s on a level such as this that quality cheap promotional gifts like wine holders and coolers have come into their own.

Many who have never even considered hiking out in nature are now flocking to hiking trails and walks with their newfound freedom, and, it’s here that you can take your brand further than you may imagine at this historic time of change in our new reality!

It’s as if we can’t get enough of getting out of the four walls that kept us trapped for so long, which is your moment to choose the right branded promotional gifts to celebrate this change with your clients, staff and suppliers.

Brand Lifesavers is a team of passionate professionals who know exactly what will suit your purposes for brand exposure, once you paint the picture of what you hope to achieve, through investing in a simple but useful promotional gift such as a wine holder and cooler!

And it doesn’t have to stop there either! If your budget extends far enough, you can add stunning branded bottle openers and stylish Andy Cartwright wine glasses into the bargain for your client, which will earn you a level of goodwill that no other form of advertising can do.

There’s the stylish poly-canvas Avenue Wine Cooler in understated grey, which gives your client enough space for one wine bottle, in addition to a handy waiter’s friend along with 2 PS glasses perfect for a romantic picnic or sunset. This is definitely a wine cooler with all the frills that will thrill your client, and, your brand will get the mileage it deserves at a fraction of the cost of any other kind of advertising!


The Balthazar Double Wine Tote is the perfect choice for a client that entertains often and needs space for at least two bottles to take with to a dinner, lunch or picnic, and, wherever your client, supplier or staff member goes, your brand goes!

This is a tough bag that will long outlast your initial investment, which in general is always the case with branded corporate gifts. The mileage you get out of promotional gifts is so long-lasting and extensive that you would be hard-pressed to truly work out the incredible ROI you get out of gift clients with useful, quality promotional gifts.


Contact Brand Lifesavers today, to find out more about how you can always get more bang for your buck when you invest in cheap corporate gifts and promotional products in South Africa!

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