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If you’d like to keep company with some of the biggest names in beverages, whether soft drinks, wine or beer, then you can look back to the early 1900’s when Coca Cola first started making theirs a household name, giving out promotional gifts such as branded bottle openers and more, and then going on to create a global success that has never faded.

Companies like Budweiser, Harley Davidson, Goodyear Tyres and more have invested in branded bottle openers as one of the most budget-friendly advertising tools that blasted their brands into never-ending success into the future.

Branded bottle openers will always have a place in advertising, and, because they are so inexpensive, especially when bought in quantity, you can do the same for your own brand name, using a promotional gift that has outlasted many others since the dawn of advertising!

Bars, restaurants, casino’s, car manufacturers, beverage distributors of every description and more, have all turned to the use of branded bottle openers as inexpensive promotional gifts that get used over and over again, giving those who have invested in these gifts a return on investment that cannot be measured.

The range of branded bottle openers on offer from Brand Lifesavers is an eye opener, to say the least, one that includes the popular Branded Custom Credit Card Bottle Openers, which makes the perfect statement of your brand as giveaways at corporate and marketing events, to be enjoyed by a huge audience!

Made from heavy stainless steel, the Branded Custom Credit Card Bottle Opener below is a gift that won’t rust, bend or crack over time – in truth; it’s a timeless gift that would even be quite at home to give to guests at your wedding, bearing your special thank you and message!


If you’re looking for a great, long lasting cheap promotional giveaway, the basic but very handy Bar Buddy Bottle Opener is just the thing for you. 

The team at Brand Lifesavers will assist you to choose the right branding to create a stunning, full colour look that will go a long way towards growing brand recognition.

Look at these bright examples of what Brand Lifesavers can do using the Direct to Print branding method!

bar buddy.jpg

If you’d like to spoil your favourite executive clients, then the Branded Promotional Corporate Elephant Bottle Opener, direct from the Andy Cartwright studio, will certainly earn you the goodwill that no other form of advertising can do! This is sheer style and will speak volumes for your brand!


Of course there’s the ever popular stainless steel Newport Waiters Friend bottle opener to be found at Brand Lifesavers. This is a truly handy all-in-one bottle opener and corkscrew that’ll be at home anywhere you send it carrying your brand!


In terms of branding any bottle opener, bear in mind that you don’t have a huge area for branding, which means that you need to plan it well, using stylish branding methods that are small yet powerful enough to put your brand in the spotlight wherever the branded bottle opener goes!

Feel free to contact the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers today to find out more about how you can turn the spotlight on your brand by gifting your clients with a branded bottle opener, they’ll be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you unstintingly!

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