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Plastic cups in 3 different sizes and tot/shot plastic glasses available in a rainbow of colours allow any business to invest in Custom Wine & Shot Glasses without having a huge advertising budget, and you’ll always get far more brand awareness with branded corporate gifts than you ever will with expensive online marketing or print campaigns!

The plastic cups and tot/shot glasses are sheer fun, unbreakable, well, that is as long as you don’t test its strength under the foot of an elephant!  Stranger things have happened after more than just a few tots around a fire place or camp site!

Custom promotional branded plastic cups are always popular, whether for kiddie’s parties, music festivals or sporting events, and, Brand Lifesavers has made even sure that these cups are made from recycled plastic, because they really care about our African environment! 

They’re also really tough and will take your brand a lot farther than you may imagine!

The custom branded tot glasses aren’t just great for often exotically named concoctions of liquor tots; they also serve very well as containers for delightfully yummy toppings for deserts, and also do a good job as great containers for dips and sauces to go perfectly with our South African love of chips!

Now we get to the stunning range of custom wine glasses that will do well for any wine connoisseur, and if you have clients who create their own wines you’ll earn serious goodwill when you gift them with any of the beautiful custom wine glasses on offer at Brand Lifesavers!

Brace yourself for custom wine glasses, shot glasses and carafes that are absolutely exquisite, yet extremely affordable as an investment for your special clients. If you want your brand to express sheer class, then this is where you’re going to find it, from the stunning creativity of Andy Cartwright and the love of Africa that is expressed in these pieces.

Elephant Candle and Shot Glasses par excellence, presented in a box stamped by Andy Cartwright in Gold, as are all his pieces, give you the perfect gift that will far outlast your investment!

How can this do anything but take the breath away when your client opens your beautifully branded gift?


Ready for the Branded Corporate Maiden and Warrior Wine Set? Well, here it is, in all its African glory of the finest quality. This is contemporary living mixed in with the ancient echoes of an unspoiled Africa in times gone by!


Throw in a breath-taking Branded Promotional Corporate Elephant 1ltr Carafe for good measure, and you’ll not only earn continued loyalty from your client, you’ll also be opening the door to new business in the process as the wine glasses are filled from this stunning carafe!


Let the team at Brand Lifesavers introduce you to a range of branded corporate gifts and promotional gifts that will take your brand to new levels in 2021! They are ready to guide you through a massive range of promotional gifts and clothing that could prove daunting for you to tackle on your own, with the greatest of pleasure!

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