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The answer? Absolutely yes, and for a variety of reasons other than simply leaving your name and number for a prospective customer on a business card after a visit!

Despite the fact that we are doing away with paper and storing as much information as possible electronically today, business cards are still one of the conventional tools that live on as a communication of who you are, what your title is and what your company represents.

Business cards are a fantastic way of presenting something tangible to a client, one that still bears the hallmark of the human factor, something sorely missing in this highly digitised business arena.

It’s about connecting with a potential client on a personal level, making a business card a lot like a branded corporate gift in miniature. However, to make the most of the fact that business cards are still very much in use, you need to look at ensuring that your client will keep yours, which is exactly where a personalised business card holder fits in, to perfection.

By going the distance and investing in a personalised business card holder to be left with clients along with your card you’ll be gaining an extension of the brand you are growing. It will also translate into something tangible that is a lot more memorable and meaningful when it comes to forging new business relationships.

A business card should have as many avenues of contact as possible, which, aside from your name, number and title, could include your website address and social media contact information. 

The point is, that when your potential client pulls your card from a personalised business card holder bearing your brand name, he or she will be able to contact you quickly and easily through more than just one channel.

In fact, the personalised business card holder you gift your client or potential client with, is going to be a useful gift that will generate just the kind of goodwill you need in a highly competitive business landscape!

The easier you make life for your clients, with any corporate gift, the more likely you are to win them over, leaving the competition in the dust. This is why even something as small as a personalised business card holder can create positive ripples for even the newest, smallest business on its way to greatness!

The team at Brand Lifesavers have all the experience you could possibly hope for in terms of directing you to the right gift for the right client, as well as the extensive knowledge they have of various branding methods that will ensure a healthy lifespan for your logo, which is yet again a testimony to the high quality you can expect from this team.

You won’t be spending a fortune while you’re getting started, and you’ll be reaping benefits well into the future on a minimal budget. Get started today by contacting the awesome team of creative thinkers at Brand Lifesavers, you’ll be looking at business cards and holders in a completely different light!

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