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As will always be reiterated with regard to the exceptional value of promotional gifts, the handiness of the gift will be the gateway to growing brand awareness for your business, and, one of the handiest gifts you could invest in is the simple, straight-forward customised drawstring bag!

A branded customised drawstring bag is a gift apart from the more formal backpack, briefcase or laptop bag, being somewhat more of an all-purpose bag that can hold virtually anything and is easy to carry.

Branded, customised drawstring bags from Brand Lifesavers are of a quality that ensures they can handle quite a heavy load without falling apart after being filled to the brim for a busy day, whether to be used at the gym, at an event or at the beach, for example.

In terms of being awesome branded promotional gifts, drawstring bags are on trend in 2021, especially in a highly mobile world such as ours, being useful for young and old, depending on the occasion for use.

What makes customised drawstring bags so trendy today?

Low cost investment for maximum brand exposure

Low cost is not to be confused with cheap, especially not when you consider the quality of customised drawstring bags on offer from Brand Lifesavers. Take for instance the Green Earth Cotton Drawstring Bag. The mere fact that it’s made from cotton should tell you enough about the quality in this style of customised drawstring bag. Cotton is very popular due to its natural colour, which also allows you to make a splash with your logo or message against the plain, natural background.

A rainbow of colours

If you’re more interested in having a choice that covers a rainbow of colours for your customised drawstring bags, you need only take a look at the Branded Corporate Northstar Drawstring bag, Condor Drawstring Bag or the Symphony Drawstring Bag, among others, to find a colour that’ll suit your brand right down to the ground, and keep your clients very happy 


A customised drawstring bag is the perfect giveaway at events, promotions or trade shows, considering that at many of these kinds of situations draw a very diverse cross-section of potential customers!


When you give a customer, staff member or supplier a customised drawstring bag, you can rest assured that it’ll be a gift that’s tough enough to work hard and last for a very long time, keeping your brand in motion for as long as the bag is in circulation and being used!

Go big or go small, but make sure you get the most out of your investment into customised drawstring bags!

The team at Brand Lifesavers has the vision and experience you’ll need when it comes to selecting the perfect customised drawstring bag to suit your budget and image, and to generate awesome brand awareness.

In the range of customised drawstring bags on offer from Brand Lifesavers you’ll find standard, mini and micro customised drawstring bags and pouches, which means you’ll definitely find exactly what you need to turn the spotlight on your brand and carry it into the future!

Contact the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers today to find out more about how they can assist you in making the most of these handy branded promotional gifts!

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