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Although branded water bottles are a fantastic medium to use in gaining brand awareness in any season, with summer on the way, you won’t go far wrong by giving clients, staff and suppliers a well-chosen branded water bottle, to keep them cool in the holiday season.

This year will be an extra special holiday season, one that requires anyone with their own business to thank clients and suppliers for standing by them through the shutdown brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The thought behind the gift always counts for a lot of goodwill, the kind that keeps your company in the forefront of your client’s mind whenever your product or service is needed, and now, more than ever before, it’ll be in these small things that long-term business relationships are forged.

Though major brand names make sure to invest a lot of equity in branded promotional clothing and corporate gifts, this is one form of advertising that serves small to medium businesses exceptionally well.

There can be no doubt that advertising budgets have shrunk somewhat, which means that promotional gifts like branded water bottles will be the perfect go-to for small businesses that have had to lower their spend in terms of online advertising campaigns.

Were you to choose to gift your loyal clients, staff or suppliers with branded water bottles, you’d find that you don’t need a huge budget to get good mileage out of an investment like this, especially when based on quantities.

Where it comes to branded promotional gifts, the more units you order, the less you’ll pay, not only per water bottle, but in terms of branding costs, and when you don’t have a ton of money to throw around, this is true value for money.

The distance your branded water bottle will travel will be tremendous, moving from corporate offices to the beach, from the gym to cross-country cycling tours to camping holidays. 

This is by far the greatest ROI you’ll get out of any form of advertising, which is why promotional clothing and branded corporate gifts are still the top choice where it comes to creating brand awareness that lasts far beyond your initial investment.

Brand Lifesavers have a massive range of branded water bottles ready to take your brand on a long journey that’ll last for years. In fact, with so many water bottles to choose from,  you’ll definitely need a little help from this team of experts to enable you to make an informed decision about which bottle will suit your brand best.

You’ll find everything from a chic Discovery Double Wall Drink Bottle to the stylish Infusion Infuser Bottle that’ll allow your clients to infuse their water with their favourite fruity flavours. 

You’ll find the fancy Kooshty Hot and Kold Set that includes a glass bottle and Kooshty Kup in the mix, as well as the funky Mosaic Collapsible Water Bottle that’ll make life easy for your client in terms of this bottle being easy to fold flat for storage.

If you’re stuck for choice or don’t know how far your budget will stretch to allow you to gift your clients with a branded water bottle, please feel free to call the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers for expert advice

They’ll be more than happy to help you help you get more for your money than you may think!

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