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If your clients are wine connoisseurs these are the branded corporate and promotional gifts they’ll always truly appreciate. In fact, true connoisseurs absolutely have to have at least a few wine sets at the ready for when the good stuff comes in! 

Whether on a summer evening watching the sun go down, around a fireplace on slightly chilly night or on a picnic at their favourite outdoors spot, it’ll be your brand that keeps them company all the way!

The team of experienced, creative professionals at Brand Lifesavers are always on standby to assist you in making the right choice, to make certain it’ll suit the right client that’ll be giving your brand mileage in any wine set this team has in stock.

If you’re looking for something a little different to the promotional wine sets on the Brand Lifesavers website, just say the word and the team will get right on to it!

Before you know it, they’ll have cooked up exactly what you’re looking for, even if they have to get their quality control manager in China to source, check and import the wine set for you!

Nothing is impossible when you are passionate about what you do, and the team at Brand Lifesavers brings that depth of passion and creativity to the table in any way they can to assist you with investing in quality promotional gifts, at highly competitive prices.

Here’s a sample taste of two Promotional Wine Sets just waiting for you at Brand Lifesavers:

Bodega Wine Set

This stunning Bodega Wine set has space for every wine essential your client wants to squeeze into it, made from a leatherette box that has a very sturdy handle, so that if it’s the great outdoors for your favourite client, carrying the wine set will be a cinch!

Everything any wine lover needs to make the most of a timeout is contained in this stunning wine set, neatly set into the lid. It includes the ever-faithful Waiter’s Friend, leak-proof ring, stainless steel thermometer, stainless steel & glass stopper and pourer, as well as the fact that the stainless steel and silicone includes a stainless steel branding plaque just waiting for your logo, to put the final touch of class to it!

You may well need to bribe a secretary or two with a chocolate to make sure you buy the right wine to put into this stunning branded corporate gift for very special clients!


Merlot Wine Set

The Merlot Wine Set is yet another real beauty where it comes to giving someone special something elegant to start off the right way with the right wine!

This is definitely also a gift for executives, extra-special staff, as well as trusted and reliable suppliers who deserve a big thank you for getting you through the tough times!

The Merlot Wine Set is elegance expressed in every sense, which also includes a leak-proof ring, corkscrew, stopper and all-important pourer, not to miss a drop!


Last but most certainly not least, if your budget stretches a tad further and you’ve got a really special client, staff member or supplier you’d really like to spoil, here’s a teaser with Andy Cartwright’s stunning Branded Corporate Maiden & Warrior Wine Set, seen here below,


Or…go deeper into our African heritage with Andy’s Printed Promotional Corporate Elephant Wine Glasses, bringing the eternal heartbeat of Africa to the lips with every sip of the best of South African Wines!


Now is an excellent time to contact the awesome team at Brand Lifesavers for advice about getting year end gifts in the bag, before stock runs out! This is especially true since last year was a year you couldn’t even buy a decent bottle of wine or give a gift to any client to promote your brand and all your company stands for!

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