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You can go out to buy gift bags you’ll use to present your clients with branded corporate and promotional gifts at stationary shops, supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter, but, you’re going to be paying a hefty price if you take that route.

If you’ve invested in branded corporate gifts or promotional gifts worthy of your special clients, spending a little extra at Brand Lifesavers for affordable Branded Promotional Gift Bags won’t only make you look good, it’ll also be a lot lighter on your budget!

It all revolves around quantity when buying promotional gifts, the more you buy, the less it costs, every time. If you’re giving corporate gifts to 20 of your clients in executive positions and buy the gift bags from a retail outlet, you know you’ll be paying a hefty price per bag x 20, and you won’t get any discount based on quantity.

This is just one of the really good reasons to speak to the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers about custom, branded promotional gift bags that’ll cost you so much less. A very important benefit to taking this route, would be that the gift bags will proudly move your logo and brand into the spotlight as you hand a gift to your client.

The greater the quantity of branded promotional gift bags you invest in, the less both the bag and branding is going to cost you, which is exactly what you need in a pretty tough economic climate, putting it mildly!

The gift…

Brand Lifesavers has a range of promotional gifts, corporate gifts and clothing that’ll make it a challenge to choose the perfect one to suit the intention behind the gift, which is why this creative team will dedicate a lot time to you in finding just the right gift to gain you maximum brand exposure.

This range includes everything from branded photo frames, branded promotional desk items, branded photo frames, branded executive gift sets, custom bar accessories, promotional travel mugs and so much more! Provided that you’re not buying something as big as a branded picnic bag, something like the Texas BBQ Set or a branded promotional laptop bag, there’ll be a gift bag that fits your gift like a glove!

The bags…

If you want to present a gift to your client in a promotional gift bag without adding your brand to the bag, an Andy Cartwright Gift Bag will speak volumes for style and class, considering that these gift bags are essentially a work of art in their own right. The two bags featured below are just a taste of what’s to be found in this range.

Andy Cartwright Noovi Midi Gift Bag or Andy Cartwright ‘I Am African Gift Bag’

Andy Cartwright I Am African Gift Bag.jpg

Starting on the small side, the Glitz Small A5 Gift Bag below is just the ticket for your brand if you’re giving smaller gifts to your clients. With a black inner, these gift bags speak volumes for style and elegance, as well as being available in black, gold, navy blue and silver, with plenty of room available on which to brand your logo and message.

Branded Corporate Glitz Small A5 Gift Bag.jpg

If you’re looking for a mini branded gift bag that’s environmentally friendly and recyclable, the Bounce Mini Gift Bag below will do the trick, especially with a choice of blue, black, lime green and red to make it all the more interesting. 

Branding options include screen printing and Digital Direct Transfer, however, the team on standby at Brand Lifesavers to answer your questions will make sure you choose the right branding option for maximum effect, for this fantastic little giveaway bag!


If you’re looking for bigger branded promotional gift bags from Brand Lifesavers, never fear, this promotional gifts company in South Africa has it all! The Glamour Maxi A3 Gift Bag is perfect for a bigger promotional gift, and, with the tasteful matte finish (except for black, which is glossy), this branded gift bag is available in elegant and stylish navy blue, silver, white and glossy black. This will speak volumes for the quality of your own products and services when presenting your client with a gift. 

Glamour Maxi A3 Gift Bag.jpg

The #1 supplier of promotional gifts, corporate gifts & clothing in South Africa…

Start planning for your promotional gift purchases as soon as you know what your budget looks like. Doing so sooner rather than later will definitely be better for you in terms of saving money. Even if you don’t give them out immediately, you’ll be ahead of the game with promotional gifts and corporate gifts from Brand Lifesavers!

Contact this friendly team today to take advantage of their great prices on affordable branded promotional gift bags.

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