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Let’s face it, we all have our favourite suppliers and customers, no matter how big or small your company is, and, at a time in history when economies have all but caved, earning goodwill has become more important than ever before.

Giving promotional gifts to those who are important to our business has to be done with care, in terms of making sure that you spend where you’ll get the most return, and, if it’s for the CEO of a company, then looking at something like a branded bag on wheels will have you heading in the right direction.

The fact of the matter is that many advertising budgets have been slashed to the last penny as a result of the Coronavirus, which means you really need to get more for less, and, one of the oldest, most affordable and enduring forms of advertising is still to be found in branded promotional gifts, corporate gifts and promotional clothing.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that any gift you give has to be useful to your customer, and even make their life a little easier. This is why, given the tech age we live in, putting your name to branded tech trolley backpacks, custom trolley bags, branded corporate rolling duffels and anything else on wheels, is going to get your brand awesome exposure.

You can be certain that no print media advertising or extremely expensive online marketing campaigns will get you the brand exposure your name on a branded bag on wheels will give you!

The team at Brand Lifesavers work hard to make sure that you’ll be able to make an informed choice about which custom branded bag on wheels will best suit your brand and impress your clients. After all, manufacturing custom made, personalised trolley bags is what this team does in their sleep!

2 Examples of TSA-friendly branded bags on wheels available from Brand Lifesavers, which have specifically been designed to make life easier for travellers going through checkpoints for instance are:

The Elleven Checkpoint-Friendly Tech Trolley Bag

This branded tech trolley bag not only has a large main front-loading compartment that includes a removable padded TSA-compliant laptop sleeve for expediting airport security, it also happens to be large enough to act as an overnight bag too; perfect for the busy executive always on the move! 

The Elleven Tech Trolley Backpack

Definitely on the upmarket side, this branded tech trolley backpack doubles up for carrying on your shoulders comfortably and for wheeling it when it’s necessary. This is another branded bag on wheels that includes a TSA-friendly laptop compartment that makes getting through security a breeze!

What does a TSA-friendly bag mean you might ask?

Well, at its very basics, it means that the bag has been designed to meet the criteria as set out by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), so that the laptop-only section is able to unfold and lie flat on the X-ray belt, and that there are none of the bells and whistles such as metal zips or buckles to complicate matters at any security checkpoint!

Let Brand Lifesavers assist you to choose the perfect custom branded bag on wheels!

Whether you like the idea of a custom branded bag on wheels, corporate tech trolley, or tech trolley backpack, let the awesome team of experts at Brand Lifesavers guide you towards giving new impetus and life to your brand, keeping your company moving onward and upward into 2021! 

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