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Branded ceramic mugs as gifts to clients in 2020? Yep! If there’s one thing that’ll never go out of fashion or lose the pleasure it brings, it’ll be a good cup of coffee or tea, and if you want to keep your brand foremost in your customer’s mind, get that awesome logo onto a ceramic mug!

You may say; a mug is a mug is a mug, however, this isn’t quite as simple as it is with the variety of branded ceramic mugs available from Brand Lifesavers!

Without exception, we all have our favourite mugs we wouldn’t want to share! In fact, there are times when mini-wars can break out over whose mug it is if everyone in the office or at home isn’t very careful, which makes a branded, personalised ceramic mug a perfect promotional gift!

It has to be said here that even if you have to bribe a secretary or two to find out what the boss likes in terms of a mug, it’ll be well worth the effort. 

In truth, aside from the really special ceramic mugs that have pictures of family or perhaps even a favourite pet, putting your stamp on a coffee mug is going to take your brand places you’d like it to go.

Let’s say you hand out a few mugs to the staff working for a favourite customer, there can be little doubt that at least one of them will be in evidence on a desk when other’s come to visit that office!

This means it’s not just for the benefit of your customer who’ll use it daily, it’ll also be great advertising of your brand to everyone and anyone coming into contact with that business, and they may be just the right clients who’d be in the market for your products or services in the not too distant future!

If you’ve started a small business and are taking your first tentative steps into the marketplace, you probably don’t have a huge advertising budget, especially while businesses are struggling to get back on their feet with lockdown measures lifting, but you’ll be spending the best money you can by grabbing a few great mugs and adding your brand to them.

While branded ceramic mugs may not be the flashiest form of advertising, they are a very thoughtful way of connecting and engaging with others in the business arena, which puts you first in their minds.

Whether it’s a mug, a pen or a flash drive, you’ll be putting your brand front and centre in the mind of your client, ensuring that the next time they’re in the market for your products or services, you’ll be their first call, and that’s what it’s all about!

Keep the coffee on tap and hot for your customers by contacting Brand Lifesavers today, this is one company that’ll have the perfect mug ready and waiting to carry your brand proudly into the future!

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