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One can be forgiven for thinking that Custom Bar Mats are only meant to be used on bar counters; however, they’re also an incredibly handy way to keep your store counter, pharmacy counter, deli counter or restaurant table sanitised, as well as looking clean and neat.

Wiping down a bar mat is very easy, and, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold in terms of counter tops in any shop, using an easy to clean custom-made branded bar mat made from rubber, means you’ll be able to wipe down your counter with ease in-between customers.

Sanitised surfaces have become essential for shoppers and guests in restaurants or bars, and, if you’re making an obvious, concerted effort to keep counters and tables sanitised for customers, your brand will come out on top.

If you’re in the retail sector, dealing with any of these kinds of venues or stores, this is a unique time in history for you to be making your mark and raising your brand profile, by gifting clients and suppliers with branded custom bar mats.

If you have pharmacies on your list of clients, this is the ideal promotional gift for you to give them today. The bar mats, bearing your brand and legend, are one of the most inexpensive ways of making your name known, of keeping it alive and growing at a time when competition is tougher than ever before.

No deli can be without promotional customised bar mats at our extraordinary time in history, where hygiene is expected to be observed at an even higher premium than ever before, so, as you can see, custom bar mats are not only meant for bars!

Gifting your clients with custom bar mats bearing your brand will be especially appreciated at this time, and, the goodwill these types of promotional gifts offer go far beyond reminding your client of your business, they also open the door to new business each time a customer sees your brand displayed on counters or tables anywhere!

Brand Lifesavers really are lifesavers in the current economic downturn (which is putting it mildly) when you consider the true value of their custom-made, branded bar mats. 

These are also promotional gifts that are long-lasting, and what you can do in terms of branding the custom bar mats you’ll be giving clients is awesome, whether you’re going for stylish but simple branding or colour-filled branding that will make a fantastic statement in all the right places!

Although Brand Lifesavers stock standard sizes of 880x250mm and 500x200mm in their range of branded bar mats, they will be more than happy to manufacture a custom made size bar mat at your request.

As one of the top suppliers of branded custom bar mats in South Africa, along with an extensive range of other promotional corporate gifts and promotional clothing, you can rely on this team to come through for you on every level.

Contact Brand Lifesavers today if you want to find out more about why promotional gifts are still one of the most successful forms of advertising, designed for every budget, big or small!

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