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No matter how many images are stored on external hard drives, on laptops, cell phones and tablets, there is still nothing that compares to having extra-special memories captured in time and displayed on your desk, whether at home or at work!

Digital age or not, we are proud of our families, our hard-won achievements and the highlights of a career pursued with passion, and, when these highlights become treasured keepsakes, we want to look up from our desks or couches to hark back to the best of times.

This is where your brand can make more of an impact than you may think, in terms of gifting valued customers with tastefully and elegantly branded photo frames.

Branded photo frames are great for corporate offices in general, as well as for retail stores and spaces, where the achievements of your sales team, sports team or awesome employees can be on display for customers and other visitors to your office. 

They speak volumes of the values held dear by your company, which, in a bigger way than you may think, generates a sense of connection and confidence in all who enter your premises. 

Branded photo frames from Brand Lifesavers are an awesome promotional tool that’ll keep your brand on display permanently in your space, or in that of a valued customer.

Tasteful branding is essential though! You do want your photo frame to be used by a customer, which means that doing a little research into the style of their offices may be of help. The last thing you want to do is to make the mistake of giving an executive director of a company a pretty pink photo frame for his office!

Let’s take a look at one or two examples of how tasteful a branded photo frame can look, whether in your offices or in that of a customer:

You’ll see here, with the Binary Clock & Frame, that there’s space enough to add your brand, but in such a way that it in no way interferes with the actual photo frames, which is a pretty good place to start in terms of branding. This frame and clock turns into a really handy and attractive pen holder too, so it’s three-for-one in this case for your investment!

On to the classic in terms of branded photo frames.  African tribal overtones are expressed in the striking yet elegant Maiden Photo Frame, the perfect gift for your very special customers, one that without a doubt will make an exceptional addition to any desk or home.

The team at Brand Lifesavers will give you all the assistance you could possibly need to make sure that whatever branding is chosen will be a perfect complement to the frame itself, a permanent reminder of the quality that is expressed by your brand.

Whether you settle on a fold up photo frame in simulated leather or any of the other photo frames available from Brand Lifesavers, the one thing you can be absolutely certain of is that you’ll be investing in quality that will be of exceptional value long after you’re initial outlay. 

There is little in the advertising world that can give you the returns that an object as simple as a branded photo frame can do, a thought worth bearing in mind when you start in on your advertising budget!

Contact Brand Lifesavers today to find out more about how this team of experts can help you to create and build brand awareness through excellence.

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