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What will your conference venue or event look like with regard to maximising brand awareness now that we have reached lockdown level 1? This is something any business that has been as severely impacted as the rest must consider, as life slowly returns to a sense of normalcy.

Now that you’re able to start getting people together for conferences and essential business meetings or events, it’s time to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to placing your brand in the limelight among attendees.

While exhibitions and trade shows are still to be allowed, these are prime areas in which you can build brand awareness with something as simple as a branded folder or branded clipboard.

Your brand and logo is your company fingerprint

Your brand and logo is as unique as fingerprints are from one person to another, and it’s here that you’re able to achieve a far greater impact than you may imagine among your loyal customers, and of course those you wish to add to your customer base for the future.

Ultimately, no matter where you choose to place your brand, it needs to reflect as much as possible about your company, its integrity, values and offerings in the marketplace, so that there can be no doubt about who the brand belongs to.

It’s about bringing distinction to your brand and allowing people to get a clear impression of what your brand is about, simply by using your logo and easy text to convey what your company is all about with just a glance at your branded folder or branded clipboard.

Branded folders

Branded folders are a phenomenal tool for building brand awareness, no matter where you hand them out. If, for instance, the folders have been given as takeaway gifts to conference attendees, once they leave, they’ll be carrying your logo wherever they go, and that’s what you call investing in advertising that travels extensively out into the marketplace.

A neat, elegantly branded folder, is going to be a brand ambassador that’ll cost you very little in comparison to the exceptional return you’ll get on the small initial investment.

You are welcome to chat to the friendly team at Brand Lifesavers about what would be best in terms of the type of branding techniques that would work best for your brand, to make the most of your investment.

This is a team that has the experience to help you through the many forms of branding techniques available today, so that you are able to make an informed decision about which technique will serve your brand best.

Branded clipboards

Branded clipboards work pretty much on the same principles mentioned above in terms of creating brand awareness, except that your brand will be exactly where paper is kept safely in place. And, clipboards are used everywhere today! 

Whether you visit a restaurant, a hospital or even a movie house today, there will be someone with a clipboard waiting to take your details, all due to the current Coronavirus restrictions and the need to keep tab on the movements of people in certain places.

Make sure it’s your branded clipboard and your branded pen that gets used, to get mileage out of it that little else can compare to!

Put your brand front and centre with branded folders and clipboards by contacting Brand Lifesavers today in readiness for your next conference, event or meeting. 

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