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Despite the fast-paced, high tech digital world we live in, anyone spending 8 hours a day at a desk is still going to be reaching for a pen and piece of paper to scribble a reminder on, before adding it to their digital reminders!

Most of us want a desk that’s organised according to what we use most on any given day, and, if you have customers who spend this much time behind a desk, you’re going to make them very happy by giving them branded promotional desk items that’ll make having an organised desk a breeze!

Compare the cost of a billboard on the highway against the cost of investing in desk items, desk organisers or desk caddies and you’ll be blown away! Just ask the experienced and knowledgeable team at Brand Lifesavers and they’ll give you figures that’ll leave you astounded, especially when you consider what you’d be getting in return for your brand and investment.

You cannot get better exposure for your company than you will each time you supply your customer with the handiest of desk items. They’ll be on display, not only in the office of your customer, but also to any of their customers visiting their business.

Who can get enough of anything that can hold everything from a cell phone to sticky-memo pads or paperclips in every colour of the rainbow, right there within reach on the desk when its most needed?

You’ll make customers very happy when you drop off a gift like the Galleria Phone Stand & Pen Holder, and, you’ll have your logo front and centre of their daily work life, reminding them of the great service and products you always supply!

There’s absolutely nothing in terms of advertising that’ll give you the mileage that branded desk items and desk organisers will, nor will any other form of advertising cost you as little to gain maximum brand exposure.

Whether it’s a stationery holder, a caddy (not the golfing type, though that’s not a bad idea!) or clock and pen holder, give your client a tastefully branded desk item and you’ll create goodwill that’ll go a long way, which is exactly what you need as businesses start to pick up the pieces in the age of COVID-19!

Competitive prices for superb quality

Well, this imaginative team certainly deserves to have the title ‘Lifesavers’ in their corporate name, especially since that’s exactly what they are, taking into account the unbeatable prices they work hard to keep as low and as competitive as possible during these tough times!

Quality, quality, quality and fast turnaround times come hand in hand with these great prices! You need only give Brand Lifesavers one opportunity to impress you and you won’t look elsewhere again!

The drive to remain the best

With customer satisfaction being high on the list of priorities at Brand Lifesavers, this team delivers the best in promotional desk items and desk organisers throughout South Africa and across her borders, ensuring that their drive to be the very best in the promotional gifts and clothing industry will never lose its mojo!

If you’re looking for the #1 supplier for branded desk items, corporate gifts and promotional clothing, Brand Lifesavers will be the best first stop you could possibly make! Let your customers feel truly appreciated with the best in everything that can be branded, by contacting this passionate team today!

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