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There is always room for coasters, whether at the office, home, restaurant, hotel, cocktail lounge or bar, and Brand Lifesavers has made a point of selecting and manufacturing a range of Custom Printed Coasters to suit every budget as well.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap custom printed coaster set for everyday use in a large turnover business, or a more stylish coaster set for executive clients, the team at Brand Lifesavers has just what you need to let your brand stand out on any coaster you invest in!

Let’s start with the fun, cheap custom printed coaster sets that won’t set you back a fortune, but that will still give your brand great exposure, no matter which client gets the gift!

The simplicity of the Casablanca Coaster!

These Transparent/Frosted White Coasters made from ABS are inexpensive coasters that really make it easy to get creative with any colour in your logo. 

You can make it as stylish and simple, or, as colourful and fun as you choose, and the professionals at Brand Lifesavers are there to make sure that no matter what branding method you select, it’ll be one that’ll last the distance, highlighting your brand wherever these coasters are used. 


Let the good times roll with the versatile Good Times Coaster & Bottle opener!

This versatile custom coaster that doubles as a bottle opener as well is one of the most useful custom printed coasters you can add your brand to. Because of its usefulness, you can be absolutely sure that your brand will travel a long distance with this coaster, and it will be a much appreciated promotional gift to hand to clients, especially now that bars and restaurants have begun operating again!


And now…to the stylish and classy custom printed coaster sets perfect for executives and your most important clients! In fact, this is the time to plan year-end gifts to hit the mark, before stocks run out when companies rush to purchase promotional gifts before October 2021!

Bring the essence of Africa and art to your clients with stylish branding on the Andy Cartwright Branded Promotional Corporate Elephant Coasters!

This is the quality of promotional gift that you can use to send your brand around the world, celebrating the true heartbeat of our precious Africa, steeped in absolute excellence! 

Your clients will love you and your brand when you gift them with these coasters, which they can proudly display in upmarket watering holes, offices, at home or in boardrooms!


One more to add to the stylish custom printed coaster sets, just to whet your appetite, before you contact the team at Brand Lifesavers for assistance in making the right choices for the right clients who will carry your brand exactly where you want it to go!

The gun metal and stainless steel combination you’ll find in the Custom Printed Elixir Coaster Set is sheer class, perfect as a gift for your client’s home, office, boardroom or upmarket events venue!

Available in a set of 4 coasters that fit perfectly onto a PU holder to add extra style to this set, it’s a gift that will carry your brand into all the right places, with all the right people!


Let the team at Brand Lifesavers introduce you to just how inexpensive it is to gain brand awareness through the sheer simplicity of custom printed coaster sets, they’ll look forward to sharing their experience and passion with you to create a successful long-term investment in your brand name!

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