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There’s an occasion, a reason, a time and a season when everybody deserves to win an award or a trophy that can be mounted in place of pride on a shelf somewhere. This can be in an office, a lounge or a bedroom, and at Brand Lifesavers you’ll find the perfect branded awards and trophies up for grabs, at great prices!

Who would you give an award to? If you’re involved with a sports club, a school or a university, there’ll be plenty of reasons for you to spoil the winners with the perfect award or trophy, branding it with the logo of the club, school or university!

In any competitive industry and business there’s always a reason to dedicate space for awards and trophies, whether won by individuals or teams in the company, or by the company as a whole, it’s the kind of prestige any company or individual is proud to display.

Branded awards and trophies express one of the most important attributes of being human, and that is one of sincere appreciation, which in turn is always an inspiration to keep reaching for the top. 

These can be awarded for serious achievements as well as for the sheer fun of it, but whatever the reason, an award or trophy will always be seen as a pinnacle of achievement for the recipient.

‘Employee of the year’, ‘Student of the year’, ‘Best boss ever!’, ‘Best coffee maker’ or ‘Best mom of all’ to ‘Fastest closer’ are just a few of the simplest reasons for investing in branded awards or trophies, one for every and any occasion is the motto at Brand Lifesavers!

Being honoured for superlative performance is important for the recipient of any award or trophy, and, as sponsor of the trophy you can have your brand engraved on the trophy along with the name of the recipient, an acknowledgement that you are both winners!

You may want to go with something as simple but elegant as the Prestige Award that has a great branding area you can make the most of, or, the occasion may call for a simple award of appreciation or gift of recognition, something a little more unique in style such as the Regent Tower Award with its beautiful shape.

Brand Lifesavers also boasts the sophisticated Tesla Tower Award in its collection, a stunning award made from optical glass that would hold its own among many other types of awards or trophies!

The simple but elegant Distinction Award in glass makes a great award for star employees, students or special customers, as does the simple but elegant Aspire Tower Award.  

If you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to do something completely different to thank your customers, suppliers, staff or families for being the best, let the team at Brand Lifesavers throw you a lifeline to help you choose the perfect award or trophy to suit the occasion!

This team is passionate about what they do. They love the challenge of finding the perfect awards or trophies, corporate gifts or promotional items and clothing to make your life easier, and they do it with flair and imagination.

Give Brand Lifesavers a call today to get the ball rolling towards the very best in awards and trophies, especially with year-end functions creeping up on us at great speed!

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