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Before we get into how you can gain really great brand exposure with your clients by gifting them with super cool, stylish Icecap Ice Cubes, lets introduce you to a bit about the background of the awesome team of experts at Brand Lifesavers, your #1 supplier of corporate gifts, branded promotional gifts and branded clothing in South Africa.

Whatever you need, Brand Lifesavers will find it for you!

The team at Brand Lifesavers don’t give up easily, if you are looking for a branded promotional gift for any client or specific industry and business type, and it’s not on the Brand Lifesavers website, don’t despair, this team always comes through! 

If they can’t find what you’re looking for in terms of specialised, customised promotional gifts, corporate gifts or branded clothing and headwear, then it’s simply not to be found, full stop!

Investing in the most competitive prices on custom promotional gifts & corporate gifts and/or clothing 

While we know that the whole world is battling the economic tragedy that the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic brought front and centre into every life in 2020, many businesses are now getting back on their feet again, even more determined to succeed against all odds than ever before, and, Brand Lifesavers is right in this with their clients.

This is why, when this team gives their undivided attention to their clients in order to plot a truly solid marketing strategy that won’t break the bank, they do it with a passion, even when it comes to the import of exceptional custom made promotional products at prices even the tightest budget can make the most of!

The success of Brand Lifesavers depends on your success!

The team at Brand Lifesavers is passionate about making the most enduring and most affordable form of advertising more than just a pipe dream for clients, knowing full well from many years worth of experience that promotional gifts, corporate branded gifts and promotional clothing are still making major waves in small to medium and large businesses today!

The import of quality-controlled custom made products not on Brand Lifesavers Website!

If what you’re looking for isn’t on the Brand Lifesavers Website, never fear. This team has boots on the ground in China where it comes to their quality control manager in China. This manager is on hand to make sure that the quality of promotional products destined for you in South Africa will live up to your expectations, if not exceed them!

Branded IceCap Ice Cubes

These high quality stainless steel cubes are sheer style! Not only do they ooze class, they also never water down your drink and will do nothing less than allow you to breathe in favourite whiskey and the pure aroma of its origin, without the interference of ice blocks that can taint the best of drinks! 

You can also be absolutely sure that these stylish Ice Cubes won’t leave scratches or residue in your glass, perfect for any true connoisseur!


Contact Brand Lifesavers today to get the dice rolling in the perfect direction for the well-planned investment into bar accessories, the kind that’ll catch the eye and loyalty of your clients in the trade, and of course, open the doors to new business in the future!

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